The professional team is the core competence of Launch.

The core of the Launch team comes from the famous vehicle R&D institution like SAIC, large scale R&D center of auto parts, large scale model and fixture engineering center and other first line R&D institutions. And the team has been deeply influenced by Launch culture and shaped by the practice of countless projects.

Features of our team:

(1)     Focus on talent cultivation

(2)     Pay attention to the experience accumulation through practical projects

(3)  Regard capability as more important than seniority

(4)Put the vehicle development in the center and achieve equilibrium allocation of team competence

 leftThe tenth anniversary celebration(shanghai)

up:The tenth anniversary celebration(tianjin)rijhtThe tenth anniversary celebration(chongqing)

                             Vigor launch a big family

  • Strategic cooperation, exchange of visits Launch has an international designer team with world-reknowned designers like Mark ??

  • Launch has a group of chief technological executive engineers and professional project management talents who have received professional training from home and abroad and have rich practical experience.